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Display your message on the Emmaus Theatre Marquee for 24 hours!


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Whether you would like to post a special graduation message, lyrics from a song, an inspirational quote, a dare to your favorite artist, root for your favorite sports team, a confession of love, a movie pun or just a silly message we hope you’ll help us preserve this historic landmark and allow us to continue making memories for our community now and in the future. We can’t wait to see what fun messages you come up with!

$75 for 1 side or $100 for both sides we will display your message on the marquee for approx. 24 hours. If you would like longer than 24hrs email us for details.
Each message will be displayed in all caps at a maximum of 3 lines and is limited to our letter inventory
For an additional $50 we will turn our neon lights on for an hour at sunset for your message to shine brighter downtown
The Emmaus Theatre reserves the right to not approve messages we deem inappropriate, which include profanity, political or religious messages. Let’s keep this fun & silly!
Messages will be displayed on a first-come, first-served basis based on payment approval. Scheduling dates is available.
Payments will be taken over the phone and based on a secured payment of credit or debit cards or by check by mail
If you’re interested in displaying a marquee message, please email us at Emmaustheatre@gmail.com or call Robert at 484-515-4517

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